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The hustler movie club

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The hustler movie review & film summary (1961) | roger ebert

This message came to me from a reader named peter svensland. The way he plays against sarah, with a cruel word here and a whispered suggestion there, is as hard and painful as his order to have eddie’s thumbs broken. Robert rossen (1908-1966) was the son of poor jewish immigrants and worked briefly as a professional boxer before drifting into the new york theatre and thence to hollywood to write social-conscience pictures for warner brothers. He has the absolute authority we would see again and again: the air of a man serenely himself.


The hustler (1961) - connections - imdbLike its reckless hero, the hustler lost to a bigger opponent

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The hustler movie club. He is the ruler of a shabby kingdom, and at the end of the film, as eddie and bert have their merciless confrontation, he sits passive in the middle of the floor, listening to what he has heard countless times before, knowing that to practice his gift he has to accept this world. The atmospheric black-and-white photography by eugen schufftan won an oscar, and the art direction of harry horner contributed to making the hustler a low-life masterpiece that resembles a collaboration between damon runyon and jim thompson. Premiere member : $20. The film is populated with an unobtrusive gallery of bit players. (1986), also starring newman as fast eddie, but looking too bright and alive for the stygian gloom of the billiard parlor at midnight. Taking on unwary opponents, he allows them to win until the stakes are high enough; then he makes his killing and leaves town. Paul newman got out from beneath the joint shadow of brando and dean as ‘fast eddie’ felson, the pool shark who wants to become a star player and ends up making a faustian bargain with a mephistophelean gambler (george c scott) to conquer ruling champion minnesota fats (jackie gleason).


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), and she finds a rhythm in the pool games–the players circling, the cuesticks, the balls, the watching faces–that implies the trance-like rhythm of the players. Club members also get access to our members-only section on rogerebert. To resend the verification email, please enter your email address and click submit.

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