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Record swallowing too much sperm


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Holding his dick while he does it will help you to direct where he cums on your face and prevent him from hitting you in the eye. I think it is gross, personally. ], in which case swallowing his cum should be avoided altogether. By wallace irwin can answer your question. If you are a woman and want to give oral sex to your man and swallow his semen, keep in mind that you do put yourself at risk and in grave danger of getting sexually transmitted diseases unless your man is in a monogamous relationship with you. However, if you are suffering from any sexual infections, avoid swallowing your own semen since it may spread to other parts of the body that may be vulnerable to more harm than your genital organs. ], which is vital for building a repairing your muscles.

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Record swallowing too much sperm. I just started reading about this. Try having a drink or 2 beforehand or using a flavored lube or both to help change the taste in your mouth. Karen, wonderful for you !!! most women perfect these skills over time and perfect what works best for them. One thing that you should do if you expect your partner to lap up your custard instead of your mustard is think about your diet.

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], a nasty condition that pregnant women sometimes get that raises your blood pressure and can affect other organs like the kidneys. And she now credits it for improving her complexion. Have a shot of sweet liquor (such as blackberry brandy) nearby and gulp down the shot mixed up with the semen right after the guy ejaculates in your mouth.

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