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How old is too old to spank

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To spank or not to spank? | mile high mamas

She hated it but, oh well. Jennifer metzger, montclair, n. Those that spank as a last resort just teach kids how to push the line. Getting the child to understand why he is being spanked helps to clear the air of angry feelings and contributes to his gaining self-control. Phone when he lost his cool) or having a spanking.


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How old is too old to spank. You might have to do some whittling. My oldest son has been lying and my youngest has problems. Which do you think will get a better reaction? My parents spanked me and i dont really recall it happening past elementary school, by 5th grade i was getting grounded and having extra chores. This chapter discusses the most common spanking positions. These kinds of meltdowns in an older child may be the earliest signs of the heightened emotional sensitivity of adolescence. And we lash out in anger.

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So firmly resist the traditional image of the bare- bottomed child stretched across your lap. Com is intended to help parents become better informed consumers of health care.

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