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Has hank williams jr ever spank hank 3


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I thought hank williams jr was dead? oh that is just his career, i love these washed up people mccain has, hank(not half the talent as his father)williams, drug addict, racist, how many times was he arrested for drugs? several i remember, not country music’s most honorable choice, plus why? the moonshine hollow people already are voting for grampy and barbie so why preach to the choir? then theres the plastic surgery stretched “walker texas ranger” in his dreams, never was more than a d lister and now a no career informercial host, hold on i just threw up in my mouth a bit. We have real things to think about in this election. He picked her up one evening, and mrs. From the opening theme music to monday night football initially seemed to be a one-week suspension, espn had better never have kanye west on since they have now set the precedent that no one who is affiliated with the disney family had ever. But thanks to fdr, jfk, and lbj we now have to tax heavy to pay for social security, medicaid, medicare, and other programs that are a burden to the point that it is a liability to our infrastructer, national security. Obama + biden = 2 (stooges is subjective). Huh? is that ebonics? not everyone speaks that.


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Has hank williams jr ever spank hank 3. Despite his former reputation for straight talk, mr. Hitler did that with massive government spending programs. Things soon got worse for her on a number of fronts. Not allowing the voice of an apposing viewpoint negates fighting for a democratic society. But the deuprees decided not to pursue the matter. And we both know the libs dont like sports.

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Being barry goldwater’s granddaughter and living in arizona, one would assume that i would be voting for our state’s senator, john mccain. ‘ ” “i think louise thought to have a child was the thing to do,” says betty matthews, sally o’donnell’s mother, “and she wanted a little girl that looked like shirley temple, with ribbons and bows and lace and curls. Hank iii for mnf.

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