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Dry skin on anus


Anal itching

I also have a white flow of discharge that appear a year 3 years ago and afraid to find out if i have stds or anything amoungs those line because i havent slept with anybody. I can’t tell you how many sleepless nights and crying spells i have experienced. Contact your physician immediately if anal itching occurs along with bleeding or any unusual pain. It used to itch like mad. This is hard to do but it works. Any awkwardness you feel will be dwarfed by the relief.

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Dry skin on anus. Stings like hell when you apply it but passes quickly. I suffered with the same problem for about 6months. I feel really embarrassed to go and see my gp, but i know that it is a fungal infection. I’ve done this now for about 2 months and the problem is gone. Yea iv been having this problem ever since i got the 24 hour virus and it made me have runny diahreera. I also eliminated anything with cornstarch as this is not my friend either.

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What your doctor will do

The doctor gave some cream. Like in your underwear.

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