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Do greeks like anal sex


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And don’t double dip. For this reason, certain sexual acts that are commonly defined as either “homosexual” or “heterosexual” today were, among the greeks, simply sexual acts. I am just hoping to understand what will be expected of me once married. The good, the bad and the slobbery. A quick internet search just confirmed that this is exactly how long a butthole needs to rediscover its previous state of firmness and that, therefore, this is exactly how long you need to wait between any anal get-together. Let’s be clear that this isn’t a carte blanche for sneaking in through your girlfriend’s back door, but if you are lucky enough to be given the all-clear by your partner, you’re still not ready to go until you’re aware of the risks.

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Risky business

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Do greeks like anal sex. Asked by judge punshon what was the issue of fairness to the complainant, mr desmond replied: “greeks. Me, myself and ai. It’s possible that the moche held similar beliefs as the. : : as for “anal” sex being referred too as being a “greek” thing i’m not too sure, i know when i was at school and some of the traditonal greek girls were due to be married they would let thier boyfriends go “the back passage”.


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Anal sex is classified as a “sexually risky behaviour”. And inevitably, whether those fantasies are more vanilla than the sex very boring animals have or involve rocket launchers aimed directly at your ass, the mere thought of anal is enough to make you cum like you’re about to die.

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