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Desperation female pants peeing story

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Piss blog | female desperation panty peeing & pissing story

Lucy pressed her hands together between her legs wanting to pee very badly, the fact that she was on the verge of coming was exciting and made her legs tremble, there she was, in the cinema watching a horror film, with her sister jen, she the film so frightened her, that though was dying to pee, she was afraid to go on to the toilet in the dark on her own, and jen was engrossed in the film and refused to accompany her. As a sub-par beta male, i really should’ve seen this coming. The homepage reads: “our girls are always desperate to go to the toilet, but love to pee in their pants instead!”. Vanessa grabbed as much ice as she could and refilled it. It took quite some time for the fire to get going as it had been raining and the logs were all wet. Anna gets adventurous with the day to herself.


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Desperation female pants peeing story. We are also using cookies. Thanks to technology, girls poop and pee wherever they want. Student gets help from her professor in non traditional ways. Colleen really has to go. I’m desperate to suck my girlfriend, but she’s driving.

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